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ScreenCasts are short YouTube movies designed to help you learn the basics of working with Transana. ScreenCasts are best viewed full-screen.

Please note that the Transana Tutorial, available in Transana's Help menu, covers a number of topics not yet covered by the ScreenCasts.


Transana Overview - A quick overview of the qualitative analysis of media-based data with Transana. Please note that the audio track from video files shown in this ScreenCast was removed so as not to interfere with the ScreenCast narration. (6:26 in length, Transana 2.60 shown.)

Transana's Terminology and Analytic Model - An introduction to Transana's basic terminology and an overview of the Transana Analytic Model. This ScreenCast underlies all the remaining ScreenCasts. (8:35 in length.)

Getting Started with Transana - How to start Transana, the Transana main screen. (8:06, Transana 2.50 alpha release shown)

Bringing Media Files Into Transana

Adding your First Media File to Transana - How to add your first video or audio file to Transana for analysis. (8:52, Transana 2.50 alpha release shown)

Batch Episode Creation in Transana - This "advanced" ScreenCast shows how to bring an entire Series' worth of media files into Transana in a single action. It also describes the steps necessary to import existing transcripts at the same time, if you already have transcripts of your media files. (5:45, Transana 2.50 beta release shown)

Transcription and Time Codes

Transcription with Transana - How to transcribe video and audio in Transana. (13:44, Transana 2.50 alpha release shown)

Time Codes in Transana - How to insert Time Codes with Transana, linking the transcript and the video, including how to handle overlapping speech. (12:48, Transana 2.50 alpha release shown)

Transcript Formatting and Transcript Templates - This "advanced" ScreenCast shows how to format your transcript, and how to create Transcript Templates. For Transana 2.50 and higher only. (16:38, Transana 2.50 beta release shown.)

Creating Keyword Groups and Keywords

Creating Keywords and Keyword Groups - How to create Keywords and Keyword Groups in Transana. This ScreenCast also describes how to create the Keyword Summary Report, and how to set default keywords for an Episode. (10:53, Transana 2.50 beta release shown)

Creating, Manipulating, and Coding Clips

Creating Standard Clips - How to create Standard Clips in Transana, including how to create Collections, how to create new Keywords while creating Clips, and Default Keyword Groups. (16:04, Transana 2.50 beta release shown)

Creating Quick Clips - How to create Quick Clips in Transana, and a comparison between Standard Clips and Quick Clips. (13:11, Transana 2.50 beta release shown)

Creating Clips without Transcripts - How to create Clips in Transana without Transcribing first. NOTE: This feature is available with Transana 2.61 and higher. (7:54, Transana 2.61a release shown)

Manipulating Clips in Collections - How to analyze video or audio data using Clips in Collections. (7:50, Transana 2.51 shown)

Common Coding Tasks - How to alter codes for existing clips, other common coding tasks in Transana (7:31, Transana 2.53 shown)

Capturing, Integrating, and Coding Still Images

Still Images in Transana - How to add still images to Transcripts, and how to create Snapshots, which are still images as full-status codable data. (12:43, Transana 2.60 shown)

Notes and Analytic Memos

Working With Notes - Transana's Notes feature is great for writing Analytic Memos, among other things. (14:02, Transana 2.53 shown)

Media Conversion

Media Conversion - Transana 2.50 and higher have a special Media Conversion tool. This can often help with media files that don't work right in Transana. (7:12, Transana 2.50 alpha release shown)

Additional Topics

Analyzing Sports Video - This stand-alone ScreenCast provides an overview of the analysis of a season of American Football using Transana, aimed at people not familiar with Transana. This video shows the use of an annotated transcript referred to as the Game Log, shows the creation of Quick Clips as a way to code the video, shows the use of the Keyword Map, Episode Report, Collection Report and Play All Clips, and discusses using Searches. (24:16, Transana 2.53 shown)

The 2.50 Upgrade Data Conversion Utility for single-user Transana on Windows - The single-user version of Transana on Windows requires special data conversion to upgrade from version 2.42 to version 2.50. This ScreenCast explains and demonstrates the process. (11:01, Transana 2.50 beta release shown)