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Upcoming Training Workshops

March 17 - 18, 2015 CAQDAS Networking Project, Surrey, England

Transana Training Workshop

"The course will suit those who are complete beginners and those who have looked at the software and tried to use it to a limited extent.  ..."

"During the workshop  we spend some time familiarizing with Transana as a group using sample data. This enables the group to focus on the same tasks at the same time and discuss their implications. We will experiment with transcribing, creating clips, coding interesting or significant data segments and creating notes which centralize thematic work and writing. We will think about the organization of the data and the project itself, developing and visualizing connections between documents, themes, issues, and theoretical ideas. We will generate output files and reports which allow us to integrate work into other applications. The second day is orientated around putting into practice the use of Transana for participants' own projects. "

For more information, please see the CAQDAS Networking Projects web site.

August, 2015 Wisconsin Center for Education Research, Madison, WI

Transana Training Workshop

This will be a full 2-day workshop covering all aspects of doing qualitative analysis of video, audio, and still image data with Transana. The workshop will be conducted by David Woods, Transana's lead developer.

This workshop is appropriate for beginning and intermediate Transana users.

For more information on this workshop, please see the Workshop description.

Please contact David if you'd like to host a Transana Training Workshop, either privately or open to the public. If you would like to open your session to the broader Transana community, I will be happy to post information about it on this page, as well as sending an e-mail to the Transana mailing list.

Training Workshops by David Woods, Transana's Developer

The training workshops we conducts are highly interactive and provide ample opportunity for hands-on practice. It is therefore essential that each participant have a computer during the workshop. We will provide a training data set, although we also encourage participants to bring their own video or audio files, in a Transana-friendly format, to work on.

Training workshops typically run two days. In our experience, one day is not sufficient to cover Transana adequately, while two days allows for ample practice of all basic skills and an introduction to more advanced topics.

In a typical training session, we cover the following topics:

  • An Introduction to Transana

  • Transcription as an analytic act

  • Identifying and selecting analytically interesting video segments

  • Manipulating analytic collections

  • Keywords and coding

  • Analyzing still images in Transana

  • Making sense of coded data : reports, maps, and graphs

  • Searching, data-mining, and hypothesis-testing

  • Multiple simultaneous transcripts, multiple simultaneous media files, multiple simultaneous users, and other advanced topics

  • Using Transana for presentations and case development

  • Collecting video data, and the manipulation of video for use in Transana.

We generally assume that training participants are familiar with qualitative methodologies prior to the beginning of training. Familiarity with Transana is not required.

Is a one-day workshop possible?

I haven't offered a single-day workshop in many years. My feeling is that there is too much to learn, and it's of sufficient complexity that a single day would not really be adequate.

However, in the spirit of data-driven decision-making, I put the question of whether it could be done to the participants in a recent two-day workshop class.  One participant noted that a one-day workshop would be "more convenient," but the majority of the comments were not favorable:

"Perhaps it would not be a disaster" doesn't exactly instill me with confidence in the one-day option. 

If your group is accomplished in manipulating media files, putting data into Transana, and transcribing, I might consider a one-day "analysis-only" workshop for non-beginners. Otherwise, I consider the concept of a one-day Transana training workshop to be penny-wise but pound-foolish.

Official Transana Trainers

David Woods, Ph.D.
David is Transana's Lead Developer. He is a Researcher at the Wisconsin Center for Education Research, at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, in the USA. He's provided Transana workshops all over the world ranging from two to five days in length.

Paul Dempster, Ph.D.
Paul Dempster is currently emplyed by the NHS in Newcastle in the UK. He has conducted Transana Training Workshops with international audiences, and provides methological consultation regarding new features for Transana.

Christina Silver, Ph.D.
Christina manages the CAQDAS Networking Project and has been working with Transana for many years. The project runs scheduled Transana workshops during the year, in Guildford UK, or contact Christina to arrange a bespoke onsite workshop.

Zeynab Badreddine, Ph.D.
Zeynab is a research engineer, responsible of the Complex Corpora Team (consulting, training and innovation about complex corpora in the domain Social and Human Sciences) in the ICAR laboratory in Lyon, France (http://icar.univ-lyon2.fr). Zeynab is now the official trainer of Transana for both French and Arabic communities.